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Bespoke Envelopes

At TEPCO we make them different, tailor-making envelopes to any size or colour, in paper card or board and in any quantity.

As we make the envelopes ourselves - anything is possible - Printing, Foiling, Embossing, Colour lining, Special shaped flaps are just a few of the ways we can make your envelopes different

We have a number of Gallery sites showcasing envelope ideas for specific markets - Click on the link below :

Envelopes for Galleries

Envelopes for Retailers

Envelopes for Schools

Envelopes for Professionals

Envelopes for Churches and Charities 

Envelopes for Seeds

105x75mm donation envelope printed in 4 colours two sides.

C7 invitation reply envelope on white stock with black printing and matching lining.

C4 envelope on 140gsm white stock printed 4 colour without “wrap around” print.

C5 envelope on 140gsm white stock with fushia pink lining and matching print to face.

Credit card size envelope on 150gsm white stock printed black.

215x215mm envelope on 150gsm white stock printed in 4 colours and lined in black.

155 x 155mm envelope on 250gsm white stock printed in 4 colours two sides.

DL envelope on Black stock lined in fushia pink.

C5 pocket envelope on dayglo fluorescent pink 350gsm board.

60x90mm envelope on metallic textured gold stock printed in black.

255x200mm envelope on 135gsm orange stock with side seam printed black two sides.

C6 donation envelope with perforated reply coupon printed in 4 colours two sides.

A6 envelope envelope on Black stock foil blocked in fushia pink on the front and lined in fushia pink.

70x80mm white gift tag envelopes lined in a range of colours.

A6 Gift Voucher envelopes in a range of paper colours printed in silver.

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